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The Legacy Initiative

The Initiative is designed to satisfy a variety of needs and desires.  The owner of the collection (or their designated representative) is in total control. The Legacy Initiative will provide a range of services, from short term temporary tree care, to assisting with pricing for sale of the collection by the family, to the ultimate solution where the Program would remove the trees and arrange for their disposition to other Urban Bonsai Society members, or other bonsai practioners and, or collectors, by auction.

There is no cost for Urban Bonsai Society members who take advantage of the Legacy Initiative and only a small cost to non-members.  This Initiative is administered by Urban Bonsai Society, and occasionally members may be called upon to assist in care or distribution of trees whose owners have become ill.  

The Goal:

The Legacy Initiative is formed under the auspices of the Bonsai Society of Portland (URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY) to provide care for members’ bonsai collections in the event of an emergency, sickness, age deterioration, or death. On occasion, this service is also provided for non-members for a fee.

How It Works:

  1. A member in need (or their designated representative) contacts The Legacy Initiative committee via the URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY Board.

  2. The member (or representative will be visited by The Legacy Initiative and a plan will be composed. The member will always be in complete control.

  3. Once an agreement is reached, The Legacy Initiative will carry out the plan.

Requirements for Participation:

  1. Must be a member of URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY in good standing. Decide what is to be fully donated and/ or what is to be sold at the rate of 80% of sales proceeds to the member and 20% to URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY.

  2. If not a member, decide what is to be fully donated and/or what is to be sold at the rate of 60% of sales proceeds to the member and 40% to URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY. URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY Obligation: The URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY agrees to provide, through The Legacy Initiative, the services as outlined in this document. The Legacy Initiative assumes the responsibility for the care of the member’s trees, but neither the URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY nor The Legacy Initiative assumes any liability in the performance of these services.

Member Obligation:

The member agrees to assist The Legacy Initiative in caring for the trees of members in need to the best of their ability. The Plan: Three general alternatives:

  1. Short-term temporary care: The Legacy Initiative will arrange for care at the member’s home.

  2. Tree care at the owner’s home by The Legacy Initiative; disposition by owner or family.

    1. The Legacy Initiative will arrange for care at the owner’s home.

    2. All donations or sales will be the responsibility of the owner.

    3. The Legacy Initiative will assist owner in any way possible as needed, including announcement in URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY newsletter, if requested.

  1. Relocation, care and sale of trees by The Legacy Initiative.

    1. The Legacy Initiative will identify, number, and record the collection.

    2. The Legacy Initiative will be in charge of getting the trees picked up and cared for until sold.

    3. The Legacy Initiative will organize an auction at a regular URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY meeting or URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY function.

    4. A sales report will be provided to the owner and proceeds distributed to the owner; or, if material is donated, to the organization receiving the donation.


All sale proceeds for materials processed through The Legacy Initiative will be split 50% to the owner and 50% to URBAN BONSAI SOCIETY. This applies to members and non-members alike.

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